This fall I will be moving to the Twin Cities to be near my daughter and her husband, who moved to St. Paul a year ago. It will be apartment living, so for the first time in decades I won’t have a garden. Except for container gardening on a deck. Hall’s has been my go-to place for trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals while I raised children and retired in Summit and now enjoy condo living in Berkeley Heights. When I met Peter Simone at our mailboxes he said, “Are you the lady who gardens?” Yes, I am the lady who gardens in condoland. I’ve planted three trees from Halls, a box hedge, a kitchen garden (the view from my kitchen), the slope behind my unit. You should see my row of splendid Viburnum ‘Shasta’ just turning their fall color. I’ve always been able to rely on your advice and your well-chosen stock of greenery.
Thanks for making my yards into gardens. You and Alison are the best.
– Marilyn

I received exceptional customer service from one of your employees named Tracy that works in the florist department.  Today is the 1 year anniversary of my Mothers passing.  I live in Northern Virginia & wanted to put flowers on my Mothers grave.  When speaking with Tracy she took care of the order & she volunteered to bring it to the cemetery on her way home from work.  Apparently she knew my Mom when they worked together at another florist.  She also text me a picture after she put them at my Mom’s plot.  Today is a very sad day for our family.  I am very thankful for the Above & Beyond customer service I received from Tracy today!!!  You are lucky to have employee like her to represent your company.  Keep up the good work.



Halls Garden Center – 5 Stars !!!

We have been purchasing shrubs, plants, mulch etc from Halls Garden Center in Berkeley Heights for over 15 years and they have always provided outstanding advice and service.  So when we wanted to redesign the landscaping at our new house it only made sense to contact them for a design consultation.   They provide a top quality design, incorporating all our needs including deer resistant plants and shrubs and just the right amount of color to make you look twice.    The pricing was excellent and we could either have them install it or we could do it ourselves.    When we were ready to implement the project we decided we would install it ourselves as part of a family project.   We called Bob and Donovan our designers and asked them how quickly they could deliver the materials (over 200 plants/trees) and they were able to deliver almost everything that night.  They answered all our questions as we were progressing with the project, provided outstanding advice as usual and now we have an amazing landscape design at our home.  We couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend Halls for all your garden/landscaping needs.

Bernie Taylor

Dear Allison and Tracy and all of my friends at Halls,

On behalf of everyone at Camp Jotoni, thank you for your beautiful, generous donation to the 40th birthday celebration next Sunday. I will be telling everyone how much I love Halls!


Best place on the planet to buy a Christmas Tree!!

Jim Mulcahy


Not only are they personable and helpful, the flowers and shrubs are gorgeous! Halls was very generous with us when my son did his Eagle project at Little Flower. Top notch all around!

Roxanne Middlebrook


A great garden Center and always SO generous to the community! THANK U! Happy Holidays!

Cathy Zichichi Balsamo


Hello Bob,

Just wanted to pass on the rave reviews from Holly about your plants …. We really love them, have great spots picked out, and are looking forward to watching them mature over the years. In addition, your staff did a great job of loading the truck; the plants made the trip in perfect condition.
Thanks again for all your help, and best wishes for a successful spring season!

Warm regards,
Bill Wheelan

We have been clients of Halls Nursery for almost 15 years. During this time, I have come to rely upon their guidance on matters both small and large. I appreciate their combination of talent, business values, personal honesty and drive to seek out the unusual and highest quality plant stock for their customers. Bob and Tom stand behind their commitments.

We have redesigned every area of our property with their counsel. Our neighbors compliment us, people walking by and even drivers stop to enjoy the view. It is not an exaggeration to state that I would give them a blank sheet of paper at any time and trust them to re design anew.


Saul Spivack

Bob, Tom and the rest of the Hall(s) family,

Michelle and I are thrilled that you’ve helped us with the final piece of our puzzle!
Our new patio was installed beautifully, on time, using top quality materials, with the meticulous attention to detail we appreciate and have come to expect from Hall’s Garden Center.
From design to preparation to completion, we were guided by your expert hands.
Thanks a million!


Dan Bartiromo


Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help.  It was a pleasure meeting you today and we enjoyed our visit at Hall’s.  Best wishes for continued success at your beautiful, award winning garden center!




Hi Bob,

We are thrilled with our tree! I have been trying to find one on the East Coast for a year, and am really impressed that you were able to do so. And so quickly. Now if we can just keep it alive! If you are ever in this area, come see us in Rectortown. And meanwhile I look forward to visiting your nursery. Thanks again so much. It was great fun dealing with you.


All best,
Feroline Higginson

Dear Ken and Allison,

I recently purchased 5 yards of Riverbed stones. After starting to dig into the pile, I noticed that the quality of the stones did not appear to be as good as I had experienced in past deliveries.

I have been a customer for over 30 years and have never had any problem in the past. I needed at least 5 more yards and did not want to go elsewhere. Therefore I called to inquiry about the quality of the stones and the reason for the difference.

My inquiry was handled in a very professional manner by Allison. Ken was dispatched to investigate. He was extremely polite and professional in his manner. He offered a fair and reasonable adjustment.

I am very pleased with the professionalism shown to me. In addition to our household my daughters do business with Halls on a regular basis. We will all continue to be good customers. I commend you for your customer friendly approach to doing business.


Very truly yours,

Thomas P. Vitolo

Trees grow, thanks to Halls

To the editor:

On behalf of the Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission I want to warmly thank Hall’s Garden Center of Berkeley Heights for all the advice, expertise, support and generosity that Hall’s has given in our efforts to plant trees this spring at the township’s schools. The customer service is outstanding, the recommendations for varieties were excellent.
We look forward to seeing the trees grow and beautify the school properties.


Richard Leister
Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission

We buy all our gardening supplies and plants at Hall’s Garden Center because of the excellent customer service and advice we get here. We really get great help selecting the right shrubs or plants for our property, sun exposure, soil conditions and deer traffic. They have been a tremendous help to us since we have had to replace a number of failed plantings installed by a different landscaper. When we have questions, we get the answers we need whether it’s what plant to select, how best to plant it, or even diagnosing and eradicating an insect problem. Delivery and installation services have also been excellent. They even made holiday wreaths for us in December! We’re glad we found Bob, Eileen, Allison, Tom and the rest of the staff at Hall’s who are helping make our front and back yards look great!


Jeff & Sue Hughes
New Providence

I have been a customer for years at Hall’s Garden Center. My best comment I can share with you is:
“They must be ‘Plant Whisperers’ !”

Having had many ornamental specimens from your garden center over the years, I can honestly say that
all are thriving with exuberant color, density of foliage, withstanding the long cold winters, thriving with resilience and maintaining plant integrity, season after season.

Customer Service at Hall’s is knowledgeable about what works in every soil/sun exposure and they make recommendations that work within a budget.

Any plant can be ordered by them on your behalf. I am guessing that the suppliers definitely keep the best specimens for their retailers, Hall’s being among the best retailer…I could never duplicate the quality, size, and pricing online…and that is simply the truth.

I have also picked up quite an array of the most useful, good quality gardening tools there. I might add that I have not seen many of their options in places like Home Depot.

The Gift Shoppe and Garden Ornamental shop is fully stocked with items in good taste. I always seem to leave with an eye-catching seasonal decorative item.

A totally fun place. Next time you are in Berkeley Heights, stop in. You will have a lot to think about and I am certain you will return again and again.


A Most Satisfied Returning Customer,
Short Hills, NJ

I have been working with Hall’s for almost five years, and I cannot say enough good things about them.  The quality of materials, plants and variety of specimen is unequalled, there are always beautiful and unusual plants to choose from. My favorite day of the year is the day I go to Hall’s to pick out my Christmas Tree, and each year I come home with one more beautiful than the last.  Bob LaHoff is an expert in his  field, so his recommendations are always spot-on and his technical knowledge is vast. Every plant I have ever purchased there has been healthy and beautiful and has flourished once at my homes.  More than this, however, Allison and Bob are warm, lovely people and a pleasure to know, not only to do business with.


– Dana Murphy

After completing an extensive renovation and addition on our house, we needed to finish the project with landscaping. We spoke to several local businesses: some focused only on cost; some focused on specific plants. Only Hall’s provided a comprehensive plan that highlighted the architecture of our house. Bob LaHoff started the project by spending an hour walking our property, studying the lighting, the soil, existing plants, and getting to understand our objectives. The result is a beautiful enhancement to our house and property. Several months after they were planted, the shrubs are flourishing. Bob and Allison LaHoff have been tremendously helpful and responsive to our subsequent questions about maintenance of the shrubs and plants. We are extremely satisified customers and recommend them highly! Kay Herr Murray Hill


– Kay Herr, Murray Hill NJ

Early this evening, May 14th, following a brief shower, we walked around our lawns and gardens — small lawns, dominated by a huge and lovely American beech tree, and two fairly large perennial gardens, all on a fairly small lot in Summit, NJ.  All was lush and lovely, beautiful early spring green punctuated by iris beginning to bloom and dianthus and clematis showing off.  Much of the recent beauty of our foundation and boundary planting is a result of one, and then, many, trip to HALLS GARDEN CENTER in Berkeley Heights.  Several years ago we went to look for foundation plants to replace those that had died, and we were fortunate to meet Bob La Hoff.  He recommended wonderful, and to us at that time, unusual, plants which have proved to be extremely successful.  Since then, we go nowhere else for anything: foundation plantings, perennials, annuals, gifts, mulch, stones, but, most importantly, advice.  All of the staff is friendly, knowledgeable,  helpful, and courteous. With Hall’s help, our lawns and gardens have never looked better; we are gardening organically and beautifully, something we had wanted to do, but were unable to do well until we discovered Bob, his wife, and all the superb workers at Halls.


– Connie and Charlie Fletcher

Hall’s is truly a garden center several steps above the rest. (And I go to them all.)  The selection and quality sets them apart and can not be compared.  Hall’s has so many plants that are not sold elsewhere, as well as what is available at other places and provides thorough knowledge about every one of them.  The owners’ passions are evident in everything they do.  A word to the wise…visit often because nothing stays on the lot very long.  There is nothing like Hall’s, nothing even close.


– Emily Calfo

About 2 years ago, I started to get back to my family roots and renew my interest in gardening and landscaping.  That period was a time of self discovery.  First just kind of window shopping and then, asking questions about specific species or plants.  I easily went to about 12 garden centers before I found Hall’s Garden Center and Bob LaHoff.  It was a long road, and had some (now humorous) dead ends.  What I learned in the process was to find who was carrying plants by vendors and then find the garden center.  One particular vendor (Monrovia) had listed Hall’s Garden Center as their preferred supplier, and though there were many Garden Center’s nearer to me, I’m glad I found Hall’s.

When you first meet Bob, he’s a warm, affable and intense personality.  And that made an instant connection with me.  He, unlike a lot of his peers, will freely give you his time, advice, and counsel.  But this attitude is not alone to him, but pervades his staff.  You can’t be at Hall’s more than 5 minutes before one of his staff will ask you if you need assistance.  And take them up on that offer, they know the products very well.  If Hall’s doesn’t have what you want, he’ll find it for you in a short amount of time.  Both Bob and his staff will suggest complimentary plants and also give you a quick primer on care and sun requirements.

On my first Meeting with Bob, I asked him about “Beni Kawa” Japanese maple trees.  And from that point on, its been a great relationship.  And that is in large part, due to how Hall’s Garden takes a keen interest in solving you question, request or problem.  With my trees for example:  In the Fall Bob flew to Oregon, and marked the best two of the specimens.  Then in Spring, he delayed the shipment due to some front warnings, and gave me excellent advice on planting.  When his team member delivered the trees, he also gave me a couple of pointers.  And now 2 months post planting the trees and all of my front landscaping are doing well.  Why is that?  It’s because at Hall’s you not only get the best products, you also get exceptional service, and a dedication to working the issue in a joint manner.

Over my years of being a consumer, I return to companies that exceed my expectation.  Ask Bob, how often I’ve returned to him and his staff.


– Fred Szibdat

Outstanding service, great product and timing are the three traits that separate Hall’s from it’s rivals.  As a design professional I can make one phone call or an email and know that my plant requests will exceed my expectations when they arrive.


– Mark Hunter
Hunter Design

From a professional garden designer’s point of view, Hall’s Garden center always provides: quality service and advice, unique as well as standard plant material, quick responses to questions and requests. I couldn’t work without them!


– Jane Derickson-Friar
Crescent Garden Design, LLC

When I drive up to my house I see the wall of roses over my rock wall and the beautifully colored frosted birch.  When I look out from my back porch I enjoy checking to see how much my row of bamboo has grown this year and I how my new gardens are filling in.  The plants and ideas come from Hall’s.  You can buy plants at any nursery, but at Hall’s the team, led by Bob LaHoff, take the time to speak to you and brain storm on what will work in your space, what will meet your dream for that spot.  I would not buy plants for my gardens anywhere but Hall’s!


– Jeffrey S. Kaufman

In Webster’s Dictionary, if there was an entry entitled, “Walking Horticultural Dictionary”, a picture of Bob LaHoff would be there.  I have yet to meet anyone as knowledgeable about plants as Bob.  He consistently provides expert advice all while providing a superior product.  The combination is outstanding.

I have had the pleasure of shopping and working with the staff at Hall’s for the past nine years.  When I first found the store, I felt like a child walking into a toy store.  There are so many wonderful things to see and buy.   Each time I visit the store, no matter the season, I am still filled with the same sense of awe.

I have had the opportunity to work not only with Bob and Allison to help fill my own garden with wonderful plants and flowers, but also on a professional level for my clients.  I recommend Hall’s without any hesitation.  The plant selection at Hall’s is stellar.  Sound and expert advice, a great staff and high quality gardening products.  It is a winning combination.

Hall’s is a tremendously generous philanthropic organization to the Town of Berkeley Heights.  They are supportive of numerous school and community beautification projects.  I am always grateful for their continued support of these important projects.


– Karen Anzalone

My family & I have been  patrons of Halls Garden Center for over 25 years.  I really appreciate the honest expert advice of Mr LaHoff and the others at the center.  I trust their products and they have a sincere care & concern about the plants they sell – even after they leave the nursery.


– Kevin McCracken

Hall’s Garden Center is THE BEST…Best in variety of plants, shrubs’s, trees…the best in their choice of Growers…the best as they will find anything ,if it is to be found ,for you…I’m always searching out new, unique, plants after my  50 years of gardening , and they find them…the best ,friendly, helpful ,willing to research, educate and solve any gardening  question  team.  Cannot do without them!


– Pat McPherson

I have been a loyal customer of Halls Garden Center for more than 15 years.  The primary reasons for my loyalty are: Their knowledge and professionalism complemented by a very personal style; An excellent and complete inventory of products for each season and every need; Excellent service and prices.  They take the time and effort to work with me, teach me and guide my choices so that my home and gardens are everything I would want them to be.


– Milton Hull

“We have been customers of Hall’s Garden Center for 15+ years.  In the last 3 years we have worked with Bob LaHoff on planning our updated landscaping….including a new paver patio we purchased thru Hall’s.  Bob’s attention to detail is what we would most like to highlight….listening to our goals and giving input on what shrubs/trees/flowering ornamentals would look best and in what location in our yard…taking into consideration where we have sun and shade…planting guidelines and plant/shrub care details” ……..  we highly recommend Hall’s Garden Center!

My wife and I moved to Long Hill Township 7 years ago and our yard lacked everything except disaster. It was a mess. We happened upon Hall’s ( which means all the Hall’s people ) and got to meet Bob and Allison LaHoff.  Every time we went to their place we were greeted with a smile and a “ how can I help you today “ and help we needed. Bob answered all our questions and directed us to the best plant or product for our needs. Today we are much closer to our intended goal of a great yard.


Thanks Hall’s for all your help,

Bill & Joanne Swann

P.S. The best part of your trip to Hall’s could be inside when you go to pay and you get to meet Charlie. He’s the best !!

Just a short note to say “thank you” for the beautiful work and creations by your employee, Tracy.  I had met Tracy when she was with another florist and admired her beautiful and creative arrangements.  When Tracy left the other florist, I was unsure of her whereabouts until my daughter had an arrangement delivered to me, from Halls Garden Center.  This arrangement was absolutely stunningly beautiful!  I recognized the work of art of a familiar talent.  When I phoned my daughter to thank her, she confirmed my thoughts by letting me know  … “Tracy” is now at Halls!  I couldn’t be happier to know she is at one of the finest garden center.

Tracy always has great ideas and suggestions when I am in need of that special delivery.  She is an asset with a wonderful personality.

Thank you to Halls, and I am a regular customer of Halls Garden Center!

Bob  –  I’m sorry I missed you, too.  Would have like to have asked you about some additional plant
material.  But the people who helped couldn’t have been nicer.  (Thank Ken especially who made me
smile for the first time in weeks.)    Yes, the plants are first rate – I even bought two little ones
(Tompa and Thumbelina) – but not sure how to plant them, or even where.  (They’re obviously rock
garden, )  On my way back to Warminster, PA to be with brother, I dropped them off at my house in
Skillman and placed them in a protected area.  Thanks again for your efforts on my behalf and for these
top quality superior conifers.
Sincerely,  Peg Van Patton

Whenever we are working on a project and want to be assured of finding choice and unusual specimens we make a point to visit Hall’s Garden Center. After our most recent visit we planted a beautiful Katsura, two tree lilacs, a paper bark maple as well as some unusual hydrangeas and my favorite lilac, “Sensation,” from the nursery. This season we are working on several properties at the shore and have found some great plant material at Hall’s that will withstand salt and sea inundation. Our company is based in Montclair, N.J. and we make an effort to keep in touch with Hall’s to be sure that our plant palette is as inspired as our designs!   Diana von Hoffmann


Eric and Diana von Hoffmann
von Hoffmann Landscape Architecture, Inc
NJ Landscape Architect License #21AS00091000
Montclair, NJ 07042
Est. 1986

Dear Bob,

As owner of Regency Landscape Halls Garden Center has been an invaluable resource for my company over the past 30 years. Halls professionalism, expertise, and friendly family atmosphere have kept me as a loyal client for all these years. I know that whatever the situation or issue at hand I have a close friend and ally in Halls. Weather it be in help finding hard to find products or plants, timely delivery, or just day to day needs of a landscape company Halls has never let me down. I always refer my clients to Halls for their garden center and floral needs and will continue to do so. I would like to thank all my dear friends at Halls and I look forward to the next 30 years!


Tony Catanzaro
Regency Landscape, LLC
Millington NJ


To the Hall Family, and their Employees,

I am the Post Commander of VFW Post 6259 here in Berkeley Heights. I wish to thank you for your support and generosity in providing roses for us to use at our part of the Township’s Memorial Day celebration. You deserve our thanks and our appreciation for that, and I give it sincerely.

There is more, however, worth mentioning. I personally stopped in to pick up the roses. I was greeted warmly and respectfully, I was greeted joyfully, and in a manner that clearly demonstrated that it was a pleasure to serve me… no profit involved, just service.

I have a made number of personal visits to Hall’s so far this Spring, many more than usual due to a few new projects, and I have been greeted and treated wonderfully well. Thank you.

I know several of your youthful employees personally, and it is a joy to see them anywhere… but my experience has led me to know I don’t have to seek one of them out to get good service.

Someone, most likely a family member, gave me a un-asked-for discount one day after noticing my Marine Corps cap. One of the workers refused a tip because of my service as a Marine. All veterans appreciate such treatment very much, many with PTSD find it life giving. You have made a difference.


Thank you all very much.

Stephen Falk