Astilbe Little Vision in Pink (False Spirea)

13 May Astilbe Little Vision in Pink (False Spirea)

Astilbe Little Vision in Pink is a wonderful dwarf perennial for partially shaded and lightly shady sites. It has all the merits of the much loved larger growing astilbes (easy to grow and look after, bright colourful and long lasting flowers, freedom from major pests and diseases including deer browsing etc.), but packed into a smaller, compact growth habit, so it fits easily into garden sites of all sizes. Additionally, it’s breeding heritage brings a greater tolerance to drier conditions (although it still does best in consistently moist soils), and since it flowers a little later than some of it’s big cousins it is valuable for continuing the color parade into mid-summer.

Superb at the front of perennial beds and borders, woodland gardens, shaded town gardens and in decorative container combinations and it makes a very nice cut flower, too.

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