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At Hall’s Garden Center we feature a full service floral department. Flowers for all seasons and all reasons at Hall’s Florist.

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People love Hall’s Garden Center & Florist! Our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service leaves our clients happy & satisfied.

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Featured Articles
  • Reflecting in Our Garden

    “I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it” Jack Dawson, Titanic. I love movies and I love this quote! Every morning I wake up to a Ginkgo tree deliberately planted outside our bedroom window simply because it brings me happiness. When......

  • Whiteout

    This past spring there seemed to be an explosion of color in our landscapes. Every couple of years the stars seem to align and many deciduous beauties bloom, overlapping one another. Forsythia, magnolia, cherries, crabapples and pear trees were all blooming at the same time......

  • Smokin’ Hot

    There is a tree I have been meaning to write about about for some time, but the timing never seemed right. A tree type, I feel, that is so underappreciated and certainly underused. I have friends who, on occasion, surprise me and ask questions about......

  • Chaos at Sea and Beyond

    It’s no secret COVID-19 has changed the world. Daily routines, social distancing, business models and personal health have been tested at every corner of our planet. This global pandemic has changed the world and has us all appreciating happier days, longing for our lifestyles to......

  • Remembering My Friend

    “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing” -Abraham Lincoln. Just over one year now since I lost one of my most dear friends responsible, in part, for my......

  • Virtual Learning

    Winter months, for those in the garden center industry, are all about some welcomed “down time”, repairs and improvements to infrastructure and attending trade shows and educational seminars. One of the largest trade shows in the country is the MANTS show (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show),......

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