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At Hall’s Garden Center we feature a full service floral department. Flowers for all seasons and all reasons at Hall’s Florist.

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People love Hall’s Garden Center & Florist! Our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service leaves our clients happy & satisfied.

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Featured Articles
  • Virtual Learning

    Winter months, for those in the garden center industry, are all about some welcomed “down time”, repairs and improvements to infrastructure and attending trade shows and educational seminars. One of the largest trade shows in the country is the MANTS show (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show),......

  • Plants that can take a beating

    My two brother-in-law’s and I have been snow plowing the same condominium complex for nearly three decades. And it seems we have been having the same conversation, over and over again, about where to put all the snow when it piles up. Our contention has......

  • Bon Appétit… for Cattle?

     One of the most common, durable, rugged, native trees, often used in parking lot islands and along sidewalks is common Honeylocust, Gleditsia triacanthos. A long lived, deciduous tree, Honeylocust is a leguminous plant (Fabaceae family), and capable of growing 100 feet. Gleditsia triacanthos has pinnately......

  • Shooting Plants in The Sky

    Mistletoe is the common English name of many species of parasitic/hemiparasitic plants. Pests to many ornamental trees, most mistletoe parasitize their hosts and can cause abnormal growths called “witches’ brooms.” Growths that can deform branches and decrease reproductive abilities. Capable of producing their own food,......

  • Reducing A Giant’s Stature

     Over 30 years in the horticultural industry and still a pet peeve of mine is the misuse of plant material. Professionals and retail customers alike, driven by inexpensive, larger plants rather than the “right plant for the right space.” Often when I speak to customers......

  • A Most Curious & Exciting Gift

         Last December I received a most curious and exciting gift from the executive editor and publisher of this newspaper. A book titled, The Gardener’s Botanical, An Encyclopedia of Latin Plant Names, this horticultural gem has more than 5,000 entries and 350 botanical illustrations.......

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