Given that plants are alive & breathing we offer a 3 day return policy on trees, shrubs and “hardy” perennials. Plants must be returned in their original condition with your receipt. Plants purchased on sale are not returnable. Management reserves the right not to honor returns on plant material that has been neglected.


Hall’s Garden Center & Florist will gladly accept returns of garden supplies and décor within 14 days of purchase, in original condition, with your receipt. Management reserves the right to restrict returns on perishable seasonal items.


Brick Returns are available ONLY on select products under management discretion and are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. If accepted, returns must be banded. No LOOSE pieces will be accepted. Handling Fee: Pallets NOT purchased in their entirety will be subject to a $20 handling fee. Versa-Lok pallets are subject to a $20 charge per pallet. A $15 credit will be given upon the return of each pallet.

We Guarantee:

• 1 year guarantee on plant material installed by our team
• 50% credit on plants, installed by the homeowner and not installed by Hall’s, that perish within their first year
• Hall’s needs to be notified that a plant is in decline before it perishes
• Replacements occur one time only per incident
• The plant along with your receipt are required for an adjustment
• Plants guaranteed include: Trees, shrubs & “hardy” perennials
• Plants that are installed by Hall’s, that perish, will be replaced at no charge, installation for a replacement plant at 50% of it’s retail value.


Plants NOT Guaranteed:
1. Tropical plants
2. House plants
3. ‘Non Hardy’ plants: Annuals, Vegetables, Herbs, tender Perennials & cut Christmas trees
4. Plants overwintered in containers
5. Plants damaged by animals or an act of God
6. Plants on sale, discounted, or special promotion
7. Plants purchased by a homeowner and installed by another contractor
8. Neglected plant material and those improperly watered or planted
9. All Boxwood plants

An Addendum To Our Plant Guarantee

Given the recent dilemmas associated with Boxwood, specifically Boxwood Blight caused by Calonectria pseudonaviculata, Hall’s Garden Center & Florist can no longer guarantee the longevity of this genus. While we can guarantee the plants sold by us are true to their botanical nomenclature and healthy at the time of purchase, there are simply too many variables affecting this plant’s performance in your garden today. Boxwood Blight is easily transferrable; rain splash, wind, unsanitary practices by landscapers (blowers, mowers and trimmers) or simply walking in your neighbor’s yard that is infected and back to your yard, are just a few examples. Other diseases and pests such as boxwood leafminer, Volutella and mites can also threaten boxwood however, these can be readily treated without significant cost to the homeowner. While advances are being made with stronger boxwood types, less likely to contract this disease, sizing and availability are not available in the market quite yet. We apologize that we can no longer guarantee boxwood to our customers. However, we can offer thoughtful alternatives.

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